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Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting - Adelaide

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting has a qualified Adelaide Gas Fitter that specialise in all types of Gas Fitting in and around Adelaide. We are a locally owned and operated business. Call Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting for cheap rates, with a  prompt, professional and reliable service.

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting has a local Gas Fitter in Adelaide that can handle all you problems that deal with Fire and Water.

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting is an Adelaide family Plumbing and Gas fitting business which started locally in 1952 and has been proudly serving Adelaide ever since. Eco Plumbing was established in 1997  as a pioneer in environmental sustainability. We are thinking globally and acting locally.

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting is a Plumbing and Gas fitting business that provides a combination of old fashioned service and quality with all the latest technological advances in Adelaide.

At Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting our aim is to offer you, the customer, honest advice, reliable service, flexibility and the best solutions for your particular needs from an experienced and qualified Adelaide Gas Fitter.

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting where no problem is too big or too small. We can fix those niggling little jobs that need doing or taking the hassle out of those large complex jobs throughout Adelaide.

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting has Adelaide Gas Fitters that are committed to servicing our customers promptly and efficiently.

At Eco Plumbing "There are no problems, only solutions."

Do you have a Plumbing problem, or perhaps even a gasfitting problem in Adelaide ?

  Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting is a local Adelaide family Plumbing and Gas Fitting Business founded in 1952 that has over 60 years experience in Plumbing and Gasfitting throughout Adelaide.

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting is often called in to investigate Gas Fitting or Plumbing problems throughout Adelaide. Upon locating and repairing your plumbing or gas fitting problem we will assist by providing any follow up information to take the stress out of dealing with Insurance companies.

We carry parts from the major manufacturers as well as a large inventory of standard parts in our well equipped vehicles.
We will arrive at your door promptly and well equipped, so we’ll have you up and going again in a flash.


Gas Leaks, Gas Leak Repairs and Carbon Monoxide Testing

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting will locate that gas leak and make it safe quickly and without fuss. Eco Plumbing has electronic Gas Leak Detectors to locate those hard to find gas leaks. Eco Plumbing also has electronic Carbon Monoxide Detectors to test for Carbon Monoxide. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to get the job done. If you smell gas or are in doubt then call now for peace of mind.

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for instant emergency help.

If you suspect a natural gas leak inside, immediately stop what you're doing (do not flip any electrical switches, unplug anything or use a telephone) and go outside. Inhaling high concentrations can also lead to asphyxia (when the body is deprived of oxygen) and possibly death. Early symptoms of asphyxia include fatigue and chest pain.

If you know the location of your gas meter turn off the gas at the first sign of a gas leak.

It needs to be stated before going ahead and doing anything yourself that Gas leaks are dangerous and should be located and repaired by a registered gasfitter. If you can smell gas or your bill has raised for no reason you will need a licensed gasfitter to test and check your gas service for faults that could be dangerous.

That sulfuric, rotten egg odor that signals a natural gas leak isn't an ordinary component of the carbon-hydrogen compound. Because of the potential danger associated with natural gas leaks, suppliers add the noxious scent to natural gas as a warning that the harmful vapors are loose in the air.

Although generally safe to use in the home, when natural gas does not burn up completely because of faulty installation or lack of ventilation, it emits a by product of carbon monoxide. The more carbon monoxide present in the air, the less oxygen you can inhale which can potentially killing you.

If you cannot smell a gas leak but would like to check for the possibility of a gas leak yourself, turn off all the appliances in your house that use gas, including those with a pilot. Find your gas meter and take a reading and then again periodically over several hours while not using any gas appliance. If the reading has changed you may have a leak and should call a licensed gas fitter to investigate further to locate and repair as required.

A licensed and registered gas fitter should be used for all your gas fitting work. There are strict regulations for persons performing work with gas in South Australia so do not be tempted to put yourself or others in a dangerous situation by trying to repair it yourself or by using an unlicensed handyman.

Natural gas is a very efficient and cost effective way to cook, produce hot water, and heat your home.  Eco Plumbing and Gas Fitting can show you how the use of gas can enhance your lifestyle and lower your energy bills, especially if you are currently depending on expensive electricity to run your most energy dependent appliances.

Eco Plumbing & Gas Fitting Services

Eco Plumbing is a second generation local South Australian family plumbing and gas fitting business that has been working in metropolitan Adelaide for over 60 years, so chances are fixing your gas fitting problem is something we have done many time before.
We carry parts from the major manufacturers as well as a large inventory of standard parts in our well equipped vehicles.
We will arrive at your door promptly and well equipped, so we’ll have your heater working as good as new in a flash. When using Eco Plumbing for your gas repairs and installations you have the added peace of mind knowing that only a local Adelaide highly trained, licensed gas fitter will be carrying out the gas fitting work. This ensures that you and your family are protected and the highest level of safety, competence and care has been applied to your gas installation. We do all types of gas fitting. Gas appliance service, repairs and installation no matter what the brand they are easily fixed or replaced. We provide an emergency gas fitting service throughout metropolitan Adelaide. We do all gas for domestic, commercial or industrial. When it comes to gas appliance repairs or gas appliance installation we have the experience to get the job done. If you have a gas leak, think you have a gas leak or have had your gas turned off due to a gas leak then this is where we shine. We have years of experience in locating gas leaks. We have electronic gas leak detection and location equipment plus the experience to locate those leaks quickly and once the gas leak is located we can repair it quickly for you. Swimming pool gas heating repairs, gas spa heating repairs, swimming pool and spa pump repairs and replacement. Gas cooking repairs on either commercial or domestic gas cooking appliances Hot Water Services whether gas, electric, solar or electric heat pump are no trouble at all for us to fix or replace. Commercial boiler units and or LPG gas fitting. Burst gas pipes either inside or outside can be located and repaired. If the problem is Insurance related we have many years experience in Insurance work to take the hassle out of getting the job done. Some of the work we do is General Gas Fitting, Hot Water Service Repairs, Hot Water Service Installation, Emergency Gas Fitting, Gas Appliance Repairs, Gas Appliance Installation, Gas Leak Detection, Emergency Gas Service, Pool Heating Repairs, Spa Heating Repairs, Gas Cooking Repairs, Gas, Heat Pump, Boiler Units, LPG, Repairs and Installation, Burst Pipes Servicing Gas Units, Ducted Gas Heating, Central Heating, Room Heating, Portable Heaters, Commercial Cooking Appliances, Domestic Cooking Appliances, Oven Repairs, Gas Meter Installation, Instantaneous Gas Hot Water, Storage Gas Hot Water, Gas for Caravans, Boats, Houseboats, Camping Trailers and Mobile Homes. Some of the products we supply and service are Aira, Aquamax, Bosch, Braemar, Cannon, Chef, CDimplex, Dimplex, Dux, Emilia, Escea, Everdure, Everlast, Heatlie, Kent, La Germania, Masport, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Quantum, Raypak, Rheem, Steibel Electron, Weber, Westinghouse, Zip, Vulcan, Rinnai, Rinnai Beasly, Beasly, Gra Mall, Roofmaster, Vulcan, Edwards, Austheat, Eletrolux, Supertron, Waldorf, Hurlcon, Everhot.

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